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Planning Built for Life®

In-Person & Virtual Wealth Guidance for St. Paul, MN & Beyond

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Financial Advice to Improve Your Return on Life

Not Just Your ROI

At Endurance Financial Group, we believe in focusing on your Return on Life, a measure of how you feel in your life as a whole. Helping you attain a life you’re happy with—without fear of running out of money—is our goal. Through lifestyle financial planning, we partner with you to make the most of your resources, evolve your plan over time, and maintain a financial portrait that supports how you want to live.

What We Believe:

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Life is not a rehearsal.

Don’t let “someday” pass you by. With a financial plan in place, you’ll have the peace of mind to live fully today instead of waiting for the “one day” you’ll finally be able to.

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Your life story should define your financial strategy.

What good does a great investment return provide if you’re not fulfilled in your life? We take a life-centric approach to financial planning—orienting your finances around what matters most to you.

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Clarity > Transparency.

Many advisors celebrate their “transparency,” showing their clients how their fees work and what their investment philosophy is. But your success also depends on you understanding your plan and being connected to the purpose behind it.

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Focus on what you can control.

Tune out the noise. You don’t win by watching the scoreboard or latest predictions about the markets. You win by optimizing what you have control over, like spending, investing, and saving.

Dedicated to Helping You Live Your Best Possible Life

Through Ongoing Financial Planning

When you think about your ideal life, what does it look like? And when it comes to your financial life, who are you today, and who do you want to be? These are the kinds of questions that guide our process. If you’re looking to intentionally build your financial plan based on what you want out of life, then we’d likely be a good fit.

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Build Flexibility and Confidence into Your Finances

Let’s create a plan that supports your best life today while preparing for your tomorrow.

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